Ivan da Silva Human Nature



HUMAN NATURE  |  Everything is connected.
An exhibition that reflects the clear signals and connections between human consumption and the global climate threat.

In our eagerness to consume, we face a fact – our amazing world, which is built up of nature’s  own forces and phenomena, is slowly breaking down. As the climate changes, many animal species disappear and nature’s cycle is disturbed to a chaos we just see on the top of the iceberg.

In my characteristic way I have interpreted several strong factors that contribute to the climate threat, and I will take you on an exciting and imaginative journey through my pictures. Some of the sales will contribute The Leonardo Di Caprio foundation.

Ulfsunda Slott, Stockholm. 16:th of February 2019. / 14:00 – 16:00. It is an open event so you are most welcome. The exhibition runs until May.

In colaboration with TAB SWEDEN and ULFSUNDA SLOTT